Why InsureYou Group?

InsureYou Adviser

An online purchasing platform for retail risk and general insurance advisers, InsureYou Adviser helps make acquiring new customers and renewing existing life and trauma policies quick and simple. The adviser can go through the application questions with the client or send them a link to their Instant Cover portal (re-skinned with the adviser’s brand). The client can then choose to submit their application then or at any stage online later on, in their own time.

InsureYou Workplace

Providing a registered financial adviser to your employees or members, InsureYou Adviser is a fully managed service. This requires minimal insurance administration time and expense for your organisation, whilst providing your employees or members with top insurance service and advice. This includes Risk Insurance (e.g. life and trauma), Health, and Fire and General.


A comprehensive online Group Risk insurance management platform for organisations’ HR team, staff and Group Advisers, COMBi allows users to see exactly how much insurance they have, and how much more they need. COMBi also allows them to top-up their insurance for themselves and their partner in real-time.

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